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Eng Lim shares years of insight and experience as a BCCA Building Builders Mentor. “It’s a pleasure to contribute my skills.”

Evans Kagwi understands the value or mentorship. “Maybe I will become a plumber and own my own business someday!”

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Hear what Mentors and Mentees are saying about the importance of Mentorship:

It’s been a fruitful journey for me and seeing the motivation and transformation of my mentee to achieving his career goals. It’s a pleasure to contribute my skills.

Eng Lim, BCCA Building Builders Mentor

Mentorship with individuals outside of your immediate circle provides a wider lens on the industry and opens up doors and opportunities that might not otherwise happen.

Lesa Lacey, BCCA Building Builders Mentor

Having worked in home building for over 9 years, I decided to expand my career to become an Energy Advisor. The support from the program and my mentor, Rod, has been super helpful.

Jack Li – BCCA Building Builders Mentee and Estimator

Thank you and your organization for helping me return to my field.

Inna Romanchuk – Building Builders Mentee

It’s giving back to the construction industry! It’s seeing excitement within our new leaders! It’s rewarding to know you can make a difference and positively influence one’s life!

Cal Duncan – BCCA Building Builders Mentor – General Manager, Plumber and Gas Fitter

Everyday I go to my workplace or the project site fueled with excitement and purpose for the service I get to deliver to the city I am contributing to build, and I end each day going to bed feeling incredibly fulfilled within myself for the work I have put in.

Aishwarya Trivedi, BCCA Building Builders Mentor – Construction Project Coordinator

As a new immigrant, I actively sought a knowledgeable person in the construction field to gain insights into the industry. Joining the Building Builders Mentorship Program proved to be one of the best decisions I made this year.

Archana Balan Krishnan, BCCA Building Builders Mentee – EIT applicant, EGBC

The organization has bolstered my confidence, empowering me to step out of my comfort zone and take calculated risks, which have yielded substantial rewards. What initially began as a desire to support the growth and success of others unexpectedly led to my own personal development.

Mario Galdones, BCCA Building Builders Mentor

BCCA’s Building Builders: A Custom Mentorship Program for BC’s Construction Industry.