Archana Balan Krishnan, BCCA Building Builders Mentee – EIT applicant, EGBC


“As a new immigrant, I actively sought a knowledgeable person in the construction field to gain insights into the industry. Joining the Building Builders Mentorship Program proved to be one of the best decisions I made this year. Aishwarya Trivedi turned out to be the perfect match for me. Under her guidance, I had the opportunity to learn and grow toward my goals. 

Aishwarya introduced me to various programs and events. This experience not only allowed me to make friends in a similar situation but also provided a platform to enhance my communication and networking skills—two primary objectives of mine for this program. Through Aishwarya, I established meaningful connections within the industry. She consistently created a supportive space for me to share my thoughts and experiences. Overall, my mentorship experience with Aishwarya Trivedi has been excellent. As our mentorship program concludes, she graciously offered to extend her support beyond its conclusion, demonstrating her continued commitment. 

I am immensely thankful to the Building Builders Program for providing the opportunity to participate in a site visit to Maplewood Fire and Rescue Centre. This experience was invaluable, allowing me to meet professionals with expertise in various fields, including Electrical, Architecture, and Construction. Moreover, I gained insights into the architecture, interiors, and construction details of a building in its finishing phase. The program also provided Personal Protective Equipment required for the site visit at no cost. 

In conclusion, my mentorship journey as a mentee in the Building Builders Program has been a fantastic experience. I extend my sincere gratitude to the team for organizing such a program, especially for individuals like me. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for exploring the industry in the right way. 

Thank you, Building Builders, for your dedication to supporting participants like me.”

– Archana Balan Krishnan, EIT applicant, EGBC
Masters in Structural Engineering and Construction Management

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