Jason Lew, BCCA Building Builders Mentee

“I found it to be exceptionally helpful to have a mentor, as they are someone who can assist you in navigating around the world of skilled trades. This allows a mentee to quickly find the information in the industry, faster than if they were left on their own to do so. Mentorship comes with other perks as well, such as your mentor’s network, and their own work experience, which can be invaluable to helping you decide what trade might be right for you. During my mentorship, my mentor suggested I look at an entirely different area of the trade world, not something I would have ever found on my own. 
While I did not pursue a career in construction prior to the end of my mentorship, I did gain valuable insight and information into the trades that seem to match my interests. I am especially thankful to the administrators of the program, and their attentiveness to any inquiries I had about the program. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in skilled trades to join Building Builders and take advantage of this great program that will set you up for success in exploring this world.” 

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