Lesa Lacey, BCCA Building Builders Mentor

“Mentorship is key in construction. We are welcoming the next generation of tradespeople and professionals in construction, and having an opportunity to learn from each other is important in building our communities in British Columbia. Construction has always been a spot where mentorship and teaching is on the job – as apprentices move through their apprenticeships, they are paired with Journeypeople to advance their learning and careers. Mentorship with individuals outside of your immediate circle provides a wider lens on the industry and opens up doors and opportunities that might not otherwise happen. As a woman in construction, having strong mentors in my life helped me through tough times, helped me answer questions I would not know how to deal with, and long lasting relationships – growing my career and my community of support. I am thankful Building Builders provides an opportunity for me to be a mentor and continue that circle of growth and opportunity.”

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