M.G., BCCA Building Builders Mentor

“I had my introduction with my mentee yesterday. They are bright, a hard worker, and I got a good initial sense of her current situation and goals. For our next meeting we are going to those discuss in detail, working backwards from the long-term goals to formulate a realistic “path” of short-term goals moving forward, that we can integrate training and certifications along the way and find a good potential employer.

I’ve found a great fulfilment in mentoring apprentices over my career. My best student is my best friend, and I even went to Korea to watch him get married. I have had such great success it alarms me to think back to the times I almost quit. But someone along the way guided me and literally said “you can do this, you’re smart, you’re going to be my boss one day”. And no joke I hired him and his son to help our crew out at the hospital. So, hopefully I can make sure nobody gives up or sets an invisible ceiling for themselves of what they can accomplish.”

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