Jack Li – BCCA Building Builders Mentee and Estimator

“Having worked in home building for over 9 years, I decided to expand my career to become an Energy Advisor. The support from the program and my mentor, Rod, has been super helpful.

Rod, who has been an energy advisor for many years and is also a service organization’s manager, has a wealth of experience and likes to share his knowledge. We meet and visit his projects every two weeks, and he’s been showing me a lot about how to be a good energy advisor. He helped me with my questions and even provided materials for me to study. With his help, I passed the foundation exam and am now preparing for the next one. I’m also learning how to use the Energy Advisor’s software, and with a bit more

I want to extend a big thanks to Joy and Krystal (of the BCCA Building Builders team) too. They helped set up my mentor-mentee relationship and provided me with safety gear. There’s a cool story about how I got Rod as my mentor. I heard a lot of good things about him from different contractors, so I wanted him as my mentor. However, he wasn’t in the program yet. So, I asked Joy for help, and she made it happen. She called him and asked him to be my mentor, and the next day, she told me Rod agreed to be my mentor. I was so happy!”

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