Myra Mendoza, BCCA Building Builders Mentee

“I am very much grateful to Building Builders for being an effective avenue in connecting/matching mentees (myself) and career mentors across BC Construction Industry that has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and understanding on key construction practices and management. Through Building Builders, I was able to register and get SiteReadyBC training for free. They have generously sponsored my trip to personally meet my mentor who jointly owns RavenStone Construction Company in Duncan, BC who I regularly meet online in a span of 5 months. Through Building Builders, I was able to meet a wonderful mentor who I now consider a good friend, who not only shared her valuable insights, leadership skills and technical knowledge on the industry but has also generously shared her background and family values, her Indigenous identity, her personal aspirations for the community — which I believe is truly commendable. She is truly admirable, wonderful person I was very honored to meet. Since my experience with Building Builders, I have already shared this to my friends and colleagues to try, encouraged them to be part of something (to be a mentor or mentee) that would make a lasting impact to the industry and to our Province as a whole. I have personally felt that this experience is enriching and that it has encouraged me to try and explore new skills and develop myself further to be more productive to the industry I am already part of. Thank you, Building Builders!”

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